Electrical Services

Electrical Services

Residential Electric Service

Your home may not “currently” meet your family’s increasing need for power. Computers, cell phones, TV’s, video games — all need a safe source of power. Need more outlets? No problem. Upgrades and improvements performed by a professional electrician can increase the value and usability of your home. If you are considering remodeling or adding a hot tub, garden feature or pool, call ElectraMedics for a free quote on any type of residential electric service.

Design for Comfort and Style

Upgrading and improving the light fixtures in your home can turn an otherwise dark and dull room into a bright, warm and inviting place. Easier access to outlets can reduce the unsightly mess of wires throughout your living space.

Conserve Energy & Save Money

If you want to save money on your electric bill, we have many solutions to guide you to an investment that will pay you back each month. Just call our professional electricians for a free estimate and consultation on where you can save money.

Increase Security

Outdoor lighting improvements and automatic interior lighting can help keep your home safe. Motion sensitive and timed lighting can give the appearance of someone at home — even when you are not.

Increase Safety

Do you know if your house is properly grounded to the outside? Do you experience frequent power outages and surges in your neighborhood? Keep your home safe with

  •  Shock Prevention Devices
  • Security Lighting
  • ElectraMedic’s professional electricians will be more that happy to perform a full, 48 point electrical safety inspection. Take advantage of our coupon, you won’t be sorry!

DIY – Not!

As a responsible homeowner, have a professional electrician install your appliances, fans, water heaters, hot tubs, saunas, or other electrical devices. According to the United States Fire Administration, electrical fires lead to 485 deaths and 2,305 injuries each year in America. The majority of these fires are caused by improper use of cords and electrical devices, circuits that are overloaded and improperly installed electrical wiring. Make sure your protect your home and family by having ElectraMedics perform an electrical safety inspection of your home yearly.